Floor Coil Zone Control

HydroHeat Supplies have always offered zone control relay boxes, this example is for a 13 zone system being installed in Tasmania. We only use off the shelf components so parts can be replaced in the future. Our system offers 24 Volt thermostat control and 240V actuator output. The zone control system can be configured to suit your design.

Download Quick Specs:
13 Zone Floor Coil Relay Control Box

HydroHeat Introduces Giacomini Air Dirt Separators

As change over boilers are becoming more popular, we want to try and keep the systems as clean as possible. The introduction of the new Giacomini air dirt separators will offer another line of defence in keeping systems clean. Contact us for pricing and availability.

Download Product Brochure:
Giacomini Air/Dirt separator – R146D

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