Grand Designs Live – The Wrap Up

HydroHeat stand at Grand Designs show a huge success

The Grand Designs Live Show at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre has been and gone. Thousands of home owners attended over the three days, and the HydroHeat stand was one the most popular on offer with a non stop procession of interested consumers. Floor Heating was a major topic of interest, as was general awareness and education about Hydronic Heating. There were also many looking for changeover boilers to existing systems and retro fit improvements to existing systems.

Many home owners were surprised (shocked) at how efficient Hydronic Heating systems are compared to traditional heating options such as Ducted or Split Systems. Overall it was surprising how many home owners are still unaware of Hydronic Heating not just as a viable alternative but as a better solution. Suffice to say they left armed with info about HydroHeat Hydronic products, and recommendations to our trusted HydroHeat Installers.


To Rate, or Not to Rate?

What does a ‘Boiler Efficiency Rating’ mean?

To rate, or not to rate? In Australia there is currently no rating system for Heating Boiler efficiency, and there is unlikely to be for several years to come. So how do you know if you are buying an efficient heating boiler or not? For this reason, we refer to the ‘SEDBUK’ rating system used in Europe. ’SEDBUK’ is the accepted standard for the UK and Europe (Stands for ‘Seasonal Efficiency of a Domestic Boiler in the UK’) and effectively measures a boilers efficiency.

The lack of an Australian Heating boiler rating is made even more confusing for consumers as ‘Domestic Hot Water Boilers’ do have a rating system (they use the AGA Star Rating system), it is only ‘Heating Boilers’ that do not, hence the SEDBUK system is the best (and only) reference for Heating Boiler Efficiency. As the space heating boiler market is relatively small in Australia compared to Europe the legislation and procedure has not yet been put in place by the government.

So what does this mean to the consumer? A lot. It means the consumer has to be extremely diligent in boiler selection to ensure the greatest efficiency. BAXI boilers are the most efficient Heating Boilers for sale in Australia and are amongst the most efficient in the world.

Read more about Sedbuk ratings and BAXI boiler efficiency.

HydroHeat appearing at Grand Designs Live Melbourne

Come and visit us at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre from the 17th to the 19th October

Grand Designs Live is Australia’s premier exhibition for high end interiors, kitchens, bathrooms, design, building and garden projects.

After a great exhibition at ARBS earlier in the year, we’re ready to do it all again with a stand at Grand Designs Live in Melbourne on the 17th-19th this month. The show allows us to specifically showcase our more residential focused hydronic heating products, with a particular focus on products that combine outstanding energy saving efficiency with the aesthetics to match any decor.

You can find the HydroHeat team at Stand L28 in the Grand Building Area. Come along for a chat and check out some of the great new residential products we’re showcasing. We may even have some HydroHeat goodies to handout for our favourite customers!

Exclusive Ticket Offer. As valued HydroHeat customers we are able to offer you 40% off the standard ticket price. Simply enter the promo code GDLEXHIB when purchasing. To register and purchase tickets 

Visit Grand Designs Live

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