Success at ARBS 2016 Exhibition

The ARBS (Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Building Services) Expo for 2016 has come and gone. ARBS is the biggest HVAC industry show in the Southern Hemisphere, and HydroHeat have been a part of it for many years now. This years Expo was a step up from 2014, we noticed about 30% more exhibitors and a noticeable increase in foot traffic over the three days.

The event was a great success for HydroHeat, with many interested industry professionals attending from all over Australia. With our stand positioned on a corner next to the seminar entrance, we had a great deal of traffic and we found ourselves very busy for the whole show. It was great to see so many familiar faces along with lots of new faces too, with many trade professionals interested in heating efficiency and wanting to know more about hydronic condensing boiler heating systems. The best way to find out more about hydronic heating is simply to give us a call. We can help specify, design and assist with the installation of your next building heating project.

New Air/Dirt Separator from Caleffi

The clever guys at Caleffi have come out with a new kind of Air/Dirt separator, the Caleffi ‘DirtMag’.

The patent pending design uses a magnetic separator capable of removing even the smallest particles and ferrous impurities with extremely limited head losses. Can be installed to both horizontal and vertical pipes, suitable for all closed systems. Extremely quick and easy to clean with no decommissioning required, thanks to the removable magnetic ring and wide drain cock.

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Lube and Sealant Product Release

You spoke and we listened. HydroHeat now supply lubricant and sealant products. After getting many enquiries about lube and sealant for piping system installation we decided to go on the hunt for some quality products so we can provide a complete installation package, and you have products you know you can trust.

Loxseal thread sealant and Redback Tap lubricant are trade specialist products, we had a strict criteria and subjected both to vigorous field test conditions to ensure they delivered on their claims. Quality lubricant and sealant are essential for effective installation of Gerpex system fittings, pipes and manifolds.

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New HydroHeat Commercial Condensate Tank

HydroHeat are proud to announce its custom made condensate tank for commercial systems, the HydroHeat Condensate Neutralising Tank HHCNT600-1200. The tanks are available on order now, with larger tanks custom made on request, all come with a Hydroheat 25 year warranty.

The HHCNT600-1200 is a robust solution for the treatment of boiler condensate in larger commercial installs, treating the acidic condensate waste to a neutral ph state, thus allowing safe and environmentally compliant discharge into mains drainage. The HydroHeat condensate tank is configured with a 3 x baffle inner which forces the condensate through the tank. Using Marble Chip neutraliser granules this effectively treats large volumes of condensate over a prolonged period of time.

The robust design features UV Stable welded 6mm PVC / PolypropyleneFor indoor or outdoor use and the tank comes complete with a removable lid as well as a 25kg bag of Marble Chip Neutraliser Granules.

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