BAXI… the Global Brand

BAXI is the true global brand. BAXI hydronic heating boilers are specified for leading projects all around the world. The Seattle Housing Authority installed a total of 256 BAXI Luna3 Combi boilers into a large public housing estate in West Seattle, yielding a dividend of 37% savings in fuel consumption. The Luna3 Combi boiler was chosen as an elegant all in one (heating and DHW) backpack sized boiler with tankless hot water capabilities, making it ideal for the project. The compact size allowed freeing up valuable living space and fitting a stackable washer and dryer in the same closet as the combination heating and hot water boilers. The housing Authority is obliged to fix any mechanical problem within 24 hrs, hence installing a reliable boiler with low maintenance requirements was vital. These are the same Luna3 boilers as sold from our Breaside warehouse.

HydroHeat Trade / Specifiers Portal Update

HydroHeat are genuine and passionate about supporting trade and industry professionals. Our Trade / Specifiers provides online access to download a variety of resources for Installers and Contractors. We have recently upgraded and streamlined the Portal interface and it’s contents to make it even easier to access and download documents.

So save time and download whatever you need, when you need it. From tech data sheets, specification and installation instructions, customer warranties, reseller marketing material, radiator calculation tools and more, you’ll find it all in our Trade Portal available for download.

Full Trade / Specifiers access is available to all HydroHeat customers. Apply for access now.

New Radiators and Residential Boiler Brochures

We are proud to release our latest product brochures for both our Residential Boilers, and our Residential Radiators, Towel Warmers and Trench Heating.

The Residential Boiler brochure has been updated with expanded boiler specification and information, as well as upgraded BAXI Duo-Tec+ spec for the range of condensing boilers.

The Radiator, Towel Warmers and Trench Heating brochure has important updates to radiator outputs and specification, in addition to expanded range specification and information for our Trench Convector heaters.

The brochures are great tools and provide key information to enable consumers to make the right decisions when it comes to Hydronic Heating Boiler and Radiator selection. Click here to download the brochures. In addition you can access technical information and installation sheets for each product via our Trade Portal. Call our office if you would like to have copies sent out to you.

New BAXI Rilancio+ & MS Universale+ Partage Controllers

BAXI have released an upgraded range of Partage Controllers. The Rilancio+ and MS Universale+ controllers feature high flow modulating pumps and S/Steel hydraulic separators as well as all copper / brass components. In addition lower power inputs dramatically improve energy consumption.

The Rilancio+ range comes in two models for equal temperature zones (2 and 3 circuit), whilst the MS Universale+ comes in two models for split temperature zones (both 2 and 3 circuit). The unit’s compact size (only 210 mm deep) facilitates flush fitting in a recess as well as normal wall hanging. The controllers feature all copper and brass components, S/Steel hydraulic separator, and incorporate new hi-flow modulating pumps controlled by a thermostat in the heated area. In addition the modulating pump has a built in air-elimination function. The controllers can be used in conjunction with all Baxi Boiler models. In stock and now shipping, call to order, click here to view product details.

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