What’s the Most Efficient Form of Home Heating?

Sustainability Victoria has released information comparing different home heating systems and the comparative costs of each.

Based on heating a house for an average of five months a year at 6 hours per day, the data suggests that heating a house of up to about 170m2 via gas-fired hydronic radiators is the cheapest, most efficient form of home heating. Gas fired hydronics was shown to cost around $915 per year, with the next best method being gas fired – ducted heating at $970.

The Sustainability Victoria report data compares the most common forms of gas and electric home heating and itemises the annual costs for each. It also enables comparison between heating a whole house or just one room. The Sustainability Victoria site contains a wealth of other information resources for home heating efficiency.

Click here to view the Sustainability Vic report data

Hydronic Heating, the world’s most efficient heating system.