BAXI Boilers Heat DHS Apartment Blocks

The DHS public housing development in Windsor shows the way for clean green design. Known as the K2 Apartments they were constructed in 2006 and consist of 96 modern apartments in four medium rise buildings of four, five and eight stories, designed by Melbourne architecture firm ‘Design Inc’ and linked by a unique green spine feature. The Victorian State Housing Minister commented that  “The many green features in the design deliver savings to tenants through lower energy and water costs and multiply the benefits to the environment through lower greenhouse emissions.”


Heavy Duty Hydronic Heating

Larger Residential projects require high output systems and greater capacity for expansion as they heat and pump large volumes of water through the system. Our smallest light commercial boiler, the Baxi Duo-Tec MP 35kW, is ideally suited as a heat source for large residential projects.

These case study images show residential projects with hi output requirements that utilise the Duo-Tec 35kW MP in combination with HydroHeats own ‘HydroPak’ kits. This system configuration is ideally suited to large scale heavy use residential installations, and installations with multiple radiators connected, or systems which combine both radiator and floor heating.


Hydronic Heating, the world’s most efficient heating system.