Hydronic Heat is Safe Heat

Allergy free, dust free home heating systems keep you safe

A home heating system should be clean, safe and free form airborne dust, allergen and germ particles. Hydronic heating is free from airborne particles as it is a sealed, radiant heat system.

It’s more important now than ever for home heating to be safe, however the truth is many home heating systems aren’t. One of the most common forms of home heating is ducted fan forced systems. These are popular as they can offer rapid heat distribution. They typically consist of fans used to distribute heated air which is created via a seperate heat source. The problem is they depend on air circulation to heat and forced air circulation means that whatever air is inside the home can be picked up and moved. This can accelerate the circulation of germ, allergen or dust particles, which can cause infection or respiratory illness.

30 Years of Excellence in Hydronic Heating

HydroHeat Supplies Pty Ltd commenced operations in 1990 and have grown to become Australia’s premier hydronic heating equipment supplier.

HydroHeat Pty Ltd has been providing excellence in hydronic heating for over 30 years. Commencing in 1990 in a small Melbourne warehouse Hydroheat Pty Ltd has grown from humble beginnings to become Australia’s premier dedicated provider of Hydronic Heating Equipment and Supplies.

Rialto Wi-Fi Thermostat Temperature Control

Rialto Wi-Fi thermostats control temperature settings remotely from anywhere.

The Rialto Wi-Fi thermostat and accessory range is elegantly designed and manufactured by Rialto in Italy, part of the Astrel Group who are one of the few Italian manufacturers of smart home products with their own in-house R&D facility and production engineering capability. HydroHeat are the exclusive distributors of Rialto products in Australia.

HydroHeat COVID-19 Response

HydroHeat maintains essential services throughout Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak

As the global Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak continues to evolve, HydroHeat is here to support you.

As of Tuesday 31st March HydroHeat’s office and warehouse remains open and we are still filling orders and supplying services, other than our monthly training. In the event of further Government lockdowns and restrictions HydroHeat will act accordingly.

Henrad Wall Brackets VDI 6036 Compliant

Henrad VDI 6036 wall brackets compliant for use in public spaces ideal for nursing homes and schools.

The VDI wall brackets shipped with Henrad radiators are developed exclusively by Henrad and have been awarded Class 3 VDI 6036 certification. The German VDI standard 6036 Class 3 rating means that the wall brackets effectively can be used to ensure safety in public spaces where the risk of abuse or improper use of the radiator is higher than in private or residential installations (Class 1 & 2). This makes the VDI brackets perfect for radiator installations such as aged care, hospitals and schools where public liability is a concern.


Hydronic Radiators for Student Hi-Rise Accom

Over 500 Henrad radiators were used in this new build student accommodation hi-rise in Carlton. To support the expansion of Melbourne’s tertiary institutes and service the growing demand of Melbourne’s overseas student population, a student accommodation precinct has been nestled into the lower end of the Carlton community, contributing to a revitalisation of the area. Perched behind a heritage Art Deco building & former Printing Factory, the Bouverie Street project is a purpose-built 13 level building, providing accommodation facilities for 648 University of Melbourne students.


Luxury Coastal Retreat Hydronic Floor Heating

Luxury hydronic floor heating and panel radiator heating systems in architect designed coastal retreat of over 120 squares in size. Featuring seven bedrooms and five bathrooms, the home uses premium finishes and shows intricate craftsmanship throughout with no expense spared. The kitchen area alone features a separate scullery and it’s own cool room, and the stunning quality of the build is evident in every fine detail of the intricate Hampton’s style. The house itself is perfectly positioned on acreage, with magnificent outlooks across rolling pastures to the ocean.

For a home such as this, demanding the best specification in every aspect of construction, a hydronic heating system was the obvious choice for maximum comfort and efficiency. Split over five separately zoned systems, the home features an Emmeti floor heating system as well as Henrad Panel Radiators and uses Baxi Gas Boilers as the heat source. Specialist hydronic heating contractors SL Heat were commissioned by the owners to undertake the heating system design and installation.


BAXI Duo-tec MP+ for Bendigo Mail Centre

Retro fit install to the Bendigo Mail Centre facility in regional Victoria. The mail centre required new boilers to replace the existing single boiler system, and BAXI Duo-tec MP+ condensing type boilers were chosen to provide heating requirements, the Baxi boilers are classified as Type A and are fully AGA compliant.


BAXI Boilers Heat DHS Apartment Blocks

The DHS public housing development in Windsor shows the way for clean green design. Known as the K2 Apartments they were constructed in 2006 and consist of 96 modern apartments in four medium rise buildings of four, five and eight stories, designed by Melbourne architecture firm ‘Design Inc’ and linked by a unique green spine feature. The Victorian State Housing Minister commented that  “The many green features in the design deliver savings to tenants through lower energy and water costs and multiply the benefits to the environment through lower greenhouse emissions.”


Heavy Duty Hydronic Heating

Larger Residential projects require high output systems and greater capacity for expansion as they heat and pump large volumes of water through the system. Our smallest light commercial boiler, the Baxi Duo-Tec MP 35kW, is ideally suited as a heat source for large residential projects.

These case study images show residential projects with hi output requirements that utilise the Duo-Tec 35kW MP in combination with HydroHeats own ‘HydroPak’ kits. This system configuration is ideally suited to large scale heavy use residential installations, and installations with multiple radiators connected, or systems which combine both radiator and floor heating.


HydroHeat win BAXI International Award

HydroHeat awarded best commercial boiler development at ISH Expo Frankfurt

HydroHeat CEO Christina Lund was recently presented with the BAXI Global Award for Best Commercial Boilers Development at the ISH Expo in Frankfurt. The award recognises HydroHeat’s work in commercial boiler projects for the BAXI Power HT and the BAXI Duo-Tec MP ranges.

HydroHeat competed against more than 30 countries around the globe and we are immensely proud to receive recognition for what we have achieved in the relatively small global market of Australia. It is a testament to the quality of BAXI’s commercial range that BAXI boilers are now widely recognised as the best commercial heating boilers available in Australia. This has helped BAXI achieve global market growth of over 300%.

BAXI Hydronic Gas Pool Heating

Gain efficiency in residential and commercial pool heating with BAXI gas condensing boilers

BAXI Boilers represent one of the most efficient ways to heat a residential or commercial swimming pool. BAXI gas condensing boilers increase pool heating efficiency and offer an advantage over competitor heating boilers which can be expensive to maintain and consume large amounts of energy without returning cost savings.

BAXI boilers utilise a water to water heat exchanger which heats the pool water in a closed loop and separates the chemically treated pool water from direct contact with the Heat Exchanger. The water to water heat exchanger method is a more robust system as it eliminates corrosion of the heat exchanger by chemically treated pool water and provides greater longevity for the system.

Ballarat Health Services Boiler Upgrade

Ballarat Health Services offer a range of specialist key medical and healthcare services, including acute and sub-acute care, with the Ballarat Hospital facility being the principal referral hospital for the entire Grampians region. The majority of the boilers serving Heating Hot Water throughout Ballarat Health Services were old, some reaching a point whereby they were becoming uneconomical to repair. Ballarat Health Services (BHS) had approximately 90% of atmospheric boilers installed across the region and a major upgrade strategy was required.


Luxury Apartment Rooftop Pool Heating

A luxury hi-end apartment block in Melbourne’s inner north required a new pool heater boiler to replace the existing unit installed which had failed. The new boiler system was required to heat the outdoor rooftop lap pool all year round, and a reliable and energy efficient system was critical.

Retro Fit and New Build install

This hydronic heating install in the leafy Melbourne suburb of Mitcham was an interesting half retrofit and half new build project, done as two separate installs. The owners of the classic mid century home first undertook a renovation to the existing premises and as part of this contracted hydronic experts SL Heating to retrofit a hydronic radiator system consisting of 8 panel rads powered by a BAXI Duo-Tec GA 28kW condensing boiler. The system was fully commissioned and operational completing the retrofit component of the project.


Chisholm Institute Frankston Campus

Chisholm Institute’s Frankston Campus in Melbourne’s south required a new boiler to replace the existing unit which had reached end of life. A reliable and energy efficient replacement was critical for providing heat to one of the campus’s major buildings, so BAXI Power-HT boilers were chosen for the project.

Hi-End Hydronic Heating in Melbourne’s Bayside

A retro-fit installation to a Hi-End residential property in Melbourne’s prestigious Bayside area. A range of Compact Radiators were installed throughout this two storey house in all living areas, bedrooms and bathrooms. Ranging in size from the smallest Compact Panel rad available for the guest powder room, to large Compact Panels for living areas to suit heat output requirements. In the main living room area, Alto Vertical Rads were used to create a stunning visual impact. The system was powered by a BAXI Duo-Tec GA 28KW boiler.

To compliment the radiators and to add a touch of luxury Oceanus powder coated white Towel Warmers were installed in each of the main bathrooms.

The installation was undertaken by Hydronic Heating specialists SL Heat, call 0414581351.

AR / AVR Plus AquaSystem Expansion Tanks

HydroHeat now stock the new AR / AVR Plus Series of High Pressure expansion tanks from AquaSystem

The new AR / AVR Plus series of Expansion Tanks from AquaSystem are now available ex stock with a higher operating pressure and other premium features over the standard VR / VRV series.

The premium AR / AVR-PLUS Expansion Tanks are rated to 10 Bar and feature a replaceable membrane, making them ideally suited to commercial use and larger systems. The AR / AVR range also carry premium features such as a Stainless Steel Flange, stronger Butile Rubber Membranes, and an extended 5yr Warranty. They are available in sizes from 8 litres to 500 litres.

Hydroheat Supplies have also developed a fill kit for the AR / AVR range of tanks which incorporates an automatic fill valve isolating valve, pressure relief valve and automatic air vent, all pre-assembled on a brass air separator.

View AV / AVR Plus Series detail

75Yr HdyroHeat Combined Staff Celebration

Staff milestones make for a great day

We recently celebrated 25 yrs of service and a 50th birthday for two of HydroHeat’s key team members. Our Warehouse manager Ken Lund celebrated 25yrs of service and our Sales Manager & Technical Liaison Ivan Karula celebrated a 50th b’day. We congratulate both on their respective achievements and a huge thank you to both for all they have brought to HydroHeat over the years. We think Ivan had more hair and Ken less grey when they started!

The warehouse is the engine room of the HydroHeat operation without which all things grind to a halt and it is maintained and kept on course under Ken’s helmsmanship. This is no small achievement given the hectic warehouse will often process pack and deliver many pallets of orders in a single day.

Our Technical Liaison and Sales Manager Ivan has helped out many a customer over the years with his unsurpassed technical knowledge and helpful advice which has made the difference on many an installation (Ivan has also been with HydroHeat for 23 years!) A great evening was had by HydroHeat staff at Doyle’s in Mordialloc to celebrate and again we thank Ken and Ivan for the commitment, knowledge and passion they have brought to HydroHeat.

R146C Magnetic Dirt Separators

New Giacomini solid brass magnetic dirt separator

The Giacomini R146C Magnetic Dirt Separator is a cyclonic magnetic dirt separator used to isolate and eliminate impurities in Hydronic Systems.

The R146C features a special swivelling fitting, a patented 3 way system allowing adjustable installation to horizontal, vertical or angled pipes. The dirt separator mechanism is simple and effective with metallic debris attracted by the magnet whilst other impurities sink to the bottom of the body thanks to the cyclonic effect. The unit is only 14.1cm in height making it ideal for installation into tight spaces, and is easily cleaned in a few simple steps with only an Allen key required.

The R146C features solid brass construction and outlet fittings to ensure durability, and combined with the ease of fitting and excellent value makes it a logical choice. Now available ex stock contact HydroHeat to order. View the excellent demo video by Giacomini which shows how the R146C works and how the adjustable fitting system swivels…

View R146C Demo Video

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