Casselden Office Tower Commercial Heating

Casselden is a modern A-Grade office tower with 39 Levels located in the Parliamentary Precinct in Melbourne. A $50M refurbishment was undertaken with a focus on sustainability and energy efficiency and upgrading the buildings heating system was a key aspect of this.

NeutraWater Condensate Filters for Resi Installs

NeutraWater Condensate Filters for residential installations up to 35kW now available

The NeutraWater condensate filter is now available for residential boiler installations up to 35kW. Exclusive to HydroHeat, the filters are a cheap and effective way to treat boiler condensate and make boiler installations compliant with environmental regulations and guidelines.

They are an in-line filter which is easy to install and compatible with BAXI Duo-tec GA and BAXI Duo-tec MP (35kW only). Untreated boiler condensate is abrasive and potentially can cause damage and corrosion to pipes due to the acidic (pH4) level of the condensate. The NeutraWater filter neutralises the condensate and returns it to an alkaline level safe for disposal. Installation is quick and easy and the units are low cost making them a cheap and effective solution.

Neutralisation of condensate preserves the integrity of pipes and allows for environmentally safe disposal to stormwater drain. Comes with 3/4” hose fittings and mounting clamps. Condens-Stick replaceable cartridges are available to refill and come in 6 packs (simply slide out old and reinsert new). Speak to your HydroHeat sales rep for further information.

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HydroHeat at ARBS 2018 Sydney

ARBS 2018 Sydney

HydroHeat recently attended the ARBS 2018 Expo in Sydney. The ARBS (Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Building Services) Expo is the biggest HVAC industry show in the Southern Hemisphere, and HydroHeat have been a part of it for over 15 years. This years Expo took place at Darling Harbour in the centre of Sydney’s entertainment district with over 350 exhibitors present.

Running from Tuesday 8th May to Thursday 10th May, the three days saw a huge amount of visitors and much interest at the HydroHeat stand, with Industry professionals attending from all over Australia. The HydroHeat ARBS stand featured an overview of our product ranges including BAXI boilers and we were busy fielding enquiries for the whole show. The exhibition focuses on the commercial sector and the efficiency of commercial building heating installations. With more technologies coming on line such as heat pumps, it was interesting to see that Hydronic heating still comes out on top as the most efficient form of heating.


MCE Milan Expo

MCE Milan Exhibition

The world reknown MCE Conference was recently held in Milan, Italy. The event focusses on heating, cooling and water based energy efficient systems. It is a unique marketplace and global event where companies in the HVAC-R and energy efficiency sectors gather and showcase the latest technologies, solutions and systems for buildings in commercial and residential sectors.

HydroHeat were on hand to keep abreast with the latest developments in hydronic heating and catch up with our partners including BAXI and Emmeti who were both present. It was a great opportunity to spend time with many of our partners and discuss the needs of the Australian market and compare to global trends in hydronic heating.


Show Us Your Installs!

Show Off Your Residential Hydronic Heating Installations

If you are a hydronic heating contractor and have a quality residential heating install you’d like to show off… then show us, and let your customers know who you are! Homeowners are constantly asking us for examples of HydroHeat products used in hydronic heating installs to inspire them and provide ideas for their own installations.

Showing the advantages of quality installs using skilled and trained contractors makes a difference in consumer choices. Whilst hydronic heating is beautiful in its simplicity, installations must be expertly carried out to ensure smooth operation and minimise ongoing maintenance requirements. A professional installation optimises energy efficiency and reduces fuel bills.

So, we’d like to feature quality Contractors doing HydroHeat system installs to show our end users what can be achieved. If you’ve installed a HydroHeat system featuring BAXI boilers, Henrad radiators and Emmeti & Giacomini components send us your photos and an outline of the project. Cool radiator installs, tidy boiler installs, or maybe a really nice floor heating system. Contractor installs featured and published on our website will be linked directly to your own business website and/or your own email contact.
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Ford Swim Centre

The Ford Swim Centre is a new build indoor swim school. It was a dual system installation involving both heating for the pool as well as underfloor heating for the pool deck area. The results provided immediate benefits and energy savings for the client. The system is powered by three x BAXI Duo-Tec MP 90kW boilers and the project was installed and commissioned by JO Miller.

Invermay Home Custom Hydronic Heating

This high-end custom install to a regional country home shows what is possible when you let your imagination run wild with the limitless variations of custom colour powder coating. The install shows the impact that colour powder coated radiators can make in a living space.


The Block – Jason and Sarah

HydroHeat went a bit rock star recently with an install featured on Channel 9’s The Block reality TV show. Contestants Jason and Sarah chose to install Henrad radiators throughout the house as well as an Oceanus towel warmer in the bathroom. The system was powered by a BAXI Luna3 24 kW traditional type boiler.


Warragul Aquatic Centre

The Warragul Aquatic centre is a brand new purpose built swimming pool complex in the Victorian regional town of Warragul. The project involved an extensive install powered by eight x BAXI Power HT 150kW boilers. The project was installed and commissioned by JO Miller.


In Screed Hydronic Floor Heating

In screed hydronic floor heating is a super efficient form of floor heating. It is ideal for luxury new home builds and can also be retro fitted to existing homes. In screed floor heating is installed directly into a thin 60-80mm layer of concrete (screed) which is poured on top of the existing slab. As only the top ‘screed’ layer is heated this enables more rapid heat transfer from the floor coils and the heat is emitted into the room quicker. The insulated floor panels prevent the downward loss of heat back into the slab. This makes in screed floor heating an extremely effective form of floor heating as the whole slab does not have to be heated. This enables quicker transitional temperature change which is ideal for the Australian climate.


Queen Vic Womens Centre

The Queen Vic Womens Centre undertook a retro fit upgrade from the existing older Boilers installed on the roof of the historic 170 yr old building. The Queen Victoria Women’s Centre is an iconic Melbourne landmark that testifies to the enduring contribution of women’s enterprise to Victoria’s social, economic and cultural heritage. Two x BAXI PowerHT 150kW outdoor models were used for the install with an outdoor sensor being fitted.


In Slab Hydronic Floor Heating

In Slab hydronic floor heating is a popular and common method used to effectively heat a home with hydronic heating. As the system is installed directly to the base slab during initial construction it is an efficient and economical form of floor heating installation that is ideal for new build constructions.


Clarendon College Fitness Centre

New install to brand new secondary school fitness facility in regional Ballarat. Clarendon College is a leading school in the Ballarat area and caters for students from early learning to year 12. The architect designed fitness centre included a 25 meter pool and a purpose built indoor rowing centre. Four x BAXI Duo-tec MP boilers were installed in cascade to provide heating requirements.


BAXI Power HT Heats Local Swimming Pool

BAXI Power HT boilers were recently installed at a Dandenong Aquatic Centre to provide heating requirements for the commercial pool complex. The condensing technology adapts well to the heating requirements of a commercial swimming pool, maximising efficiency with the water temperature running at a low temperature.


HydroHeat Australian Certifications

HydroHeat is Certified and Accredited

We value and support industry initiatives in the hydronic heating sector to both promote energy efficiency to the public and ensure consumer confidence that our products are fully tested and approved for use in the Australian market.

HydroHeat are committed to consumer safety and well being in providing the best possible heating products and systems. HydroHeat are also active members of peak industry bodies such as the EEC and PICAC. The Australian Gas Association (AGA) is the core Australian certification body governing all Australian gas appliances and all boilers for sale in Australia should comply with AGA certification.

All BAXI boilers sold by HydroHeat carry AGA Aust Standards certification and the relevant Watermark certification and we encourage any installer to check and ensure the products they purchase or install are covered by local regulatory requirements and mandatory certifications.

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ISH International Expo in Frankfurt

ISH International Expo in Frankfurt

ISH Frankfurt is the world’s leading and biggest trade fair for the building and energy, plumbing and heating & cooling industries. The show covered more than 260,000 square meters, and was attended by over 200,000 visitors. Over 2,450 exhibitors from 61 countries were on show, including international market leaders.

HydroHeat Supplies were there to get a first hand look at everything on offer and to sample the showcase of innovation. We spent time meeting with some of our key suppliers in BAXI, Emmeti, Giacomini and IMAS, who were all present with displays showing off their latest and greatest products.

It was an exhausting couple of days with a lot to take in and see, but well worth the trip. We’ve come back with some great ideas, so keep an eye out for innovative new products and updates across the range…

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Early Learning Centre LST Radiator Install

A new Early Learning Centre for children in Melbourne’s outer north underwent an installation of low surface temperature radiators. The system is powered by a BAXI Duo-Tec MP60kW, installed externally and flued with a stainless steel flue.


Ormond College Melb Uni Power HT Install

Retrofit upgrade to Ormond College at Melbourne University. Components of the original heating system dated back the the 1950’s, with the existing single Natural Gas atmospheric 600kW boiler being replaced by 4 x 150kW BAXI Power HT condensing boilers in cascade.


HydroHeat Help PICAC Hydronic Heating Industry Training

HydroHeat Installation at PICAC training facility helps Plumbers build new skill sets

The Plumbing Industry Climate Action Centre (PICAC), is a state of the art, industry run training facility in Brunswick, Melbourne. PICAC provides a range of practical training to the industry in new and innovative areas such as Hydronic Heating, Chilled Beam & Ceiling Technology, Rainwater Harvesting & Water Treatment and Solar Systems, for both commercial and residential applications. Working installations are installed onsite of various systems to demonstrate and provide hands on training.

HydroHeat have provided a fully operational plumbed Hydronic Heating installation including boiler, piping, valves, manifolds and terminal products including towel warmers and panel radiators. This allows plumbers to dismantle and re assemble all components including the boiler helping them to become fully versed in the specifics of Hydronic Heating.

HydroHeat have had a strong partnership for years with PICAC and continue to support this industry initiative by helping to provide training to plumbers on how to install and maintain Hydronic Heating Systems. This in turn helps educate the public as to the best possible energy efficient heating solutions available and how they can minimise their impact on the environment.

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Beautiful Ballarat Home UnderFloor Heating By HydroHeat

Luxury resort style mansion uses Hydroheat Emmeti Floor Heating system

This beautiful new home in Ballarat was recently featured on the Lifestyle channel. The resort style mansion is one of the best homes in Ballarat, located on the north side of picturesque Lake Wendouree. The lavish family resort is sprawled across 4,000 square metres and is a true fantasy pad. It includes 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, a home cinema, wrap around decks for the ultimate in home entertaining, an al fresco kitchen, professional gym, indoor and outdoor heated swimming pools and a tennis court.

Reknowned specialist heating contractors Angus Eeles were chosen to look after the heating requirements and when it came to the choice of heating system, hydronic underfloor heating was selected as the best method to combat Ballarat’s cold winters. A complete Emmeti floor heating system was specified and supplied by HydroHeat. In rural areas such as Ballarat winters are cold (often below freezing) so underfloor heating is the ideal choice for maintaining a comfortable temperature throughout the entire building creating optimum comfort.

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