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Queen Vic Womens Centre

02 September 2017

The Queen Vic Womens Centre undertook a retro fit upgrade from the existing older Boilers installed on the roof of the historic 170 yr old building. The Queen Victoria Women’s Centre is an iconic Melbourne landmark that testifies to the enduring contribution of women’s enterprise to Victoria’s social, economic and cultural heritage. Two x BAXI PowerHT 150kW outdoor models were used for the install with an outdoor sensor being fitted.

The job was a changeover retro fit from older existing boilers and the immediate energy and costs savings were significant, the benefits of the Gas-condensing technology of the Power HT’s running on Natural Gas being evident. The installation was completed by ASM Chilltech.

Quen Vic 001
Quen Vic 002
Quen Vic 003
Quen Vic 004
Quen Vic 005
Quen Vic 006