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Ford Swim Centre

12 October 2017

The Ford Swim Centre is a new build indoor swim school. It was a dual system installation involving both heating for the pool as well as underfloor heating for the pool deck area. The results provided immediate benefits and energy savings for the client. The system is powered by three x BAXI Duo-Tec MP 90kW boilers and the project was installed and commissioned by JO Miller.

The three Duo-Tec MP boilers supply heating for the swim centre and run in cascade. The full heat load for the swim centre is 270 kW (3 x 90kW boilers) at 50º/30º temperature design. With the low temperature design requirements of the system, the boilers are always in condensing mode and running at peak efficiency ie, 97%. The boilers were supplied with integrated full modulating pumps. In modular cascade installation, the turn down ratio (modulation ratio) of the system is 1:27. The modulating pumps provide an energy efficiency gain as the pumps in the Duo-Tec MP’s only run to the speed required and hence save electricity.

The cascade install system means one can ‘fully remove’ a boiler and keep the heating system on line while doing maintenance. All components are easily accessible and serviceable on site. There was also an outdoor compensation sensor installed as part of the project. The wall thermostat(s) and outdoor compensation sensor provide input to the boiler allowing the boiler to adjust to the most efficient range, the compensation sensor monitors the change of outdoor temperature. The outdoor sensor is mounted to the external building and provides information to the boiler or BMS. This helps maintain the temperature requirements without having spikes in overheating and under heating.

Ford Swim Centre Equipment List:

  • 3 x Baxi Luna Duo Tec MP 1.90, 90 kW Natural Gas, Indoor Boilers
  • Cascade Controls
  • Co-axial Flue
  • Condensate Treatment
  • Titanium Heat Exchanger
  • 316 SS Hydraulic Separator
  • 150L Expansion Tank
  • Back Flow Preventor RPZ
  • Chemical Dosing
  • In-Slab Pipe Coil Heating
  • Actuators
  • Emmeti Mixing Manifolds
  • Honeywell CM907 Thermostats
  • Outdoor Compensation Sensor
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