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Casselden Office Tower Commercial Heating

16 July 2018

Casselden is a modern A-Grade office tower with 39 Levels located in the Parliamentary Precinct in Melbourne. A $50M refurbishment was undertaken with a focus on sustainability and energy efficiency and upgrading the buildings heating system was a key aspect of this.

Hydroheat were involved with the design of the boiler upgrades in collaboration with the Consultant, offering savings in gas consumption with condensing technology. Baxi Power HT floor standing condensing boilers provided a modern and efficient solution to upgrading from the existing two old fire tube boilers. Gas condensing boiler technology and efficiency gains of using ‘latent’ heat from the flue gases provides a heating efficiency of 90% (80/60°C as per AS 4552) and emits flue gases 90% less CO and 80% less NOx in comparison to the conventional fire tube boilers.

The scalability of the multiple (18 boiler) cascade install was a major advantage compared to the incumbent install which consisted of only two large boilers with no ‘turn down’ ability. The full heat load for Casselden is 2700 kW with 2 plants of 1350 kW each (9 x Baxi Power HT 150 kW). In modular cascade installation the turndown ratio is 1:27 per plant. A Baxi cascade installation means any one of the boilers can be fully isolated, removed or serviced on site whilst keeping the heating system on line, hence providing built in redundancy, reliability and part-load boiler operation.

Read further details on the Casselden building refurbishment.

Casselden Office Tower Equipment List:

  • 18 Baxi Power HT, 1.1500, 150 kW NG, Indoor Gas Condensing Boilers
  • Dedicated Baxi Cascade Controls
  • Expansion Tanks
  • Dosing Pots
  • Condensate Treatment Tanks
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