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Ballarat Health Services Boiler Upgrade

02 May 2019

Ballarat Health Services offer a range of specialist key medical and healthcare services, including acute and sub-acute care, with the Ballarat Hospital facility being the principal referral hospital for the entire Grampians region. The majority of the boilers serving Heating Hot Water throughout Ballarat Health Services were old, some reaching a point whereby they were becoming uneconomical to repair. Ballarat Health Services (BHS) had approximately 90% of atmospheric boilers installed across the region and a major upgrade strategy was required.

HydroHeat demonstrated BAXI boiler capability through previous installations to provide peace of mind to the client and worked with the consultant providing technical expertise and support to eliminate risk from the project. HydroHeat are the exclusive agent for BAXI in Australia and have been for nearly 20 years. BAXI are one of the largest specialist boiler manufacturers in Europe with over 700 employees and are part of the global BDR Thermea group. Baxi boilers are type “A” and carry Australian approvals by HydroHeat through AGA, certification No. 7023. As a requirement of (A) type Boilers HydroHeat hold spare parts for a minimum of 10 years after a boiler is superceded which provides total peace of mind and back up to end users.

Baxi MP+ boilers feature a small footprint wall hung solution and have a modulation / turn down ratio of 1:9 which adjusts heat output to suit demand, enabling an increased efficiency operation and increased longevity, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Boilers can be installed in cascade up to 12 boilers. Baxi MP+ boilers also have the ability to monitor energy / gas consumption in Heating and DHW. The monitoring is boiler based and is in each individual boiler, without the need of expensive extra controls. Baxi gas condensing technology in the Duo-TecMP+ and the Power HT makes the boilers super efficient as the condensing pre-mix burner reuses waste flue gases and reduces noxious waste. Typically the boiler can maintain its maximum design efficiency of Gross 97% (Gross Efficiency according to AS4552).

Cascade Sequencing of Baxi Boilers using advanced electronic Siemens platform also means the complete heating system modulates in its entirety. The boilers reduce in capacity to a small percentage of their maximum output, making the system far more efficient as only energy is used that is required. Additional boilers are switched on as late as possible and switched off again as late as possible, hence obtaining the smallest possible number of on/off switching cycles. Cascade operation also benefits maintenance in the event of one boiler requiring servicing or being offline, the end user always maintains part load redundancy.

Read more about Ballarat Health Services and the infrastructure upgrade project where the hospital achieved direct savings as a result of the boiler upgrades:
Ballarat Health
Project Media Release

Contractor:: G&D Mech & Engineering Services

Project Overview:

  • 14 Plant-rooms upgraded – 13 HHW plants with boilers in cascade + 1 DHW plant
  • 30 x Luna Duo Tec MP+ boilers (combination of 50/60/90/110kW models)
  • 3 x Power HT 150 kW boilers
  • Additional 8 MP+ 110 kW boilers to be commissioned for additional Plant Rooms
  • Ancillary equipment including: Condensate Treatment Tanks, Hydraulic Separators, Heat Exchangers
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