BAXI Duo-tec MP+ for Bendigo Mail Centre

Retro fit install to the Bendigo Mail Centre facility in regional Victoria. The mail centre required new boilers to replace the existing single boiler system, and BAXI Duo-tec MP+ condensing type boilers were chosen to provide heating requirements, the Baxi boilers are classified as Type A and are fully AGA compliant.

This installation was completed with 2 x Duo-Tec 110kW MP’s installed in cascade. Replacing a single unit with two boilers in cascade means that the system now provides redundancy as one boiler can be taken offline and the system still be operational through the second boiler. The cascade install also means the boilers modulate their heat output to suit demand and hence save dramatically on power consumption.

The Doc-Tec MP boilers were installed as wall hung outside units, with the minimal footprint required making for a compact installation. An air / dirt separator was used and also a condensate treatment tank and trap utilised. As the job was outside no there were no flue requirements. Installed by DPK Mechanical Services.

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