BAXI Power HT boilers were recently installed at a Dandenong Aquatic Centre to provide heating requirements for the commercial pool complex. The condensing technology adapts well to the heating requirements of a commercial swimming pool, maximising efficiency with the water temperature running at a low temperature.

HydroHeat supplied replacements for the three existing outdoor natural gas, Raypak boilers in 3 stages. The initial commisssioning of Plant 1, consisting of 4 x 150kW Power HT boilers, was completed first in 2015. Then, another 4 x 150kW Power HT boilers were installed in Plant 2, followed by another 4 x 150kW units in plant 4 this year bringing the project to completion.

Furthermore, HydroHeat recommissioned Plant 3 with 2 x 100kW Power HT boilers to service the Domestic Hot Water requirements of the centre. The mechanical contractors responsible for installation were UPR Plumbing Services, as you can see from the images the installations are very tidy and look great. The savings in energy costs and greater efficiency created by the new systems will be a benefit to the pool for years to come.

Download BAXI PowerHT Condensing Boiler spec broch

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