Clarendon College Ballarat retrofit upgrade to existing heating boiler installation. The new system consisting of two Duo-Tec MP 110kW boilers is a fully modulating cascade with an integrated seamless flue system penetrating through the roof. The boiler room is located indoors on the top level of the science wing building.

The boilers have full modulating pumps and a modulation range of 1:9 which means the boilers can reduce their heating capacity to 1/9th of maximum output to suit lower heating demand when required. This increases the efficiency of the system and reduces short cycling. Efficiency is maintained as boilers are brought online as needed in line with heat requirements and loads.

The flue system is continuous without joints and welds. This seamless system guarantees long life and prevents leaking flue gases via welds and joints, which can lead to premature flue failure and corrosion.

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