The Warragul Aquatic centre is a brand new purpose built swimming pool complex in the Victorian regional town of Warragul. The project involved an extensive install powered by eight x BAXI Power HT 150kW boilers. The project was installed and commissioned by JO Miller.

Warragul Aquatic Centre Equipment List:

  • 8 x Baxi Power HT 1.1500, 150 kW, NG Indoor Boilers
  • 8 x Primary Pumps
  • Individual Seamless Stainless Steel Flue
  • Titanium Heat Exchanger
  • Hydraulic Separator
  • 1 x Dedicated Cascade Controller
  • Condensate Treatment Tank
  • Dosing Pot

The system is controlled by a dedicated cascade controller (1 x), this is of note as our competitors in the equivalent product cannot supply 1 controller (instead supplying 2, with 2 banks of 4 units).

The boilers supply heating for the aquatic centre and run in cascade. The full heat load for the aquatic centre is 1200 kW. In modular cascade set-up, the turn down ratio (modulation ratio) of the system is 1:24. This essentially means one can “fully remove” a boiler and keep the heating system on line while doing maintenance (again equivalent competitor boilers cannot do this). All components are easily accessible and serviceable on site.

In addition, the Flue system is of seamless stainless steel fabrication, this again is a unique feature as most competitors do not offer this type of flue. As the condensate in the flue is quite acidic, a one piece flue solution provides the flue to be installed without joints and welds. The benefit is that the flue gases do not leak and reduces premature flue failure and corrosion.

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