BAXI is the true global brand. BAXI hydronic heating boilers are specified for leading projects all around the world. The Seattle Housing Authority installed a total of 256 BAXI Luna3 Combi boilers into a large public housing estate in West Seattle, yielding a dividend of 37% savings in fuel consumption. The Luna3 Combi boiler was chosen as an elegant all in one (heating and DHW) backpack sized boiler with tankless hot water capabilities, making it ideal for the project. The compact size allowed freeing up valuable living space and fitting a stackable washer and dryer in the same closet as the combination heating and hot water boilers. The housing Authority is obliged to fix any mechanical problem within 24 hrs, hence installing a reliable boiler with low maintenance requirements was vital. These are the same Luna3 boilers as sold from our Breaside warehouse.

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