Luxury Rural Retreat Hydronic Floor Heating

A luxury custom designed and built rural retreat of over 120 squares in size, split over two expansive levels. Featuring six bedrooms and five bathrooms, the home uses premium luxury finishes throughout.  The kitchen area alone features a separate scullery and it’s own cool room, and the stunning quality of the build is evident in every fine detail of the intricate Hampton’s style.  The house itself is perfectly positioned on an acreage, with magnificent outlooks across rolling pastures to the ocean.

For a home such as this, demanding the best specification in every aspect of construction, a HydroHeat supplied Emmeti floor heating system combined with Henrad Radiators and Baxi Boilers was a logical choice. Specialist hydronic contractors SL Heat were commissioned by the owners to undertake system design and installation.

The system is both energy efficient, low maintenance and extremely effective, with multiple boilers powering different zones within the house providing ease of control and maintenance. SL Heat elected to go with a 5 zoned system, with the largest zone looking after approx 200sqm of floor heating with 2 banks of manifolds controlling 16 seperate floor circuits. Each individual floor circuit is kept to as similar a length as possible and piped a maximum of approx 10 meters to evenly distribute heat throughout the floor.

The floor heating is installed using the effective wet-screed method, using Emmeti floor panels and PE-Xa 17mm pipe laid to heat the large expanses. The wet-screed system means the panels and piping are laid on top of the existing slab then once installed 70-80mm of wet concrete is poured over the pipes and panels fully sealing them in. The manifolds are in place and the system is fully pressure tested prior to pouring to ensure there are no leaks.

The bedrooms in seperate wings on the ground floor, as well as the rooms on the upper floor are in seperate zones, with Henrad Radiators heating the carpeted bedrooms. The radiator system uses 100% copper pipe throughout with soldered joins. All pipes in the radiator circuits are insulated to ensure minimal heat loss, piped into the zones controlled by individual boilers.

The overall install makes a large complex system very simple in operation as it avoids the complexities of plumbing a large system from a single boiler or plant room. It also enables part load redundancy so if one zone fails, others remain operational. Thermostat temperature control is via easy to use Honeywell T4 Wall Thermostats (with additional remote sensors), which are intuitive and feature simple operation for use by homeowners.

We look forward to seeing the completed project, we’ll be back out on site for a final photo shoot with the screed poured and radiators plumbed in. So check back in early 2020 to see how this amazing project turns out!

System Spec:

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