In screed hydronic floor heating is a super efficient form of floor heating. It is ideal for luxury new home builds and can also be retro fitted to existing homes. In screed floor heating is installed directly into a thin 60-80mm layer of concrete (screed) which is poured on top of the existing slab. As only the top ‘screed’ layer is heated this enables more rapid heat transfer from the floor coils and the heat is emitted into the room quicker. The insulated floor panels prevent the downward loss of heat back into the slab. This makes in screed floor heating an extremely effective form of floor heating as the whole slab does not have to be heated. This enables quicker transitional temperature change which is ideal for the Australian climate.

Expert installation by a qualified professional is needed to ensure the system is set to heat to the correct temperature and that the install is carried out correctly. Contact HydroHeat for recommended installers. The images displayed show a selection of typical ‘In-Screed’ installations, with associated floor coil piping and Emetti panels. Mixing manifolds control the distribution to the different rooms and the flow to and from the heat source (boiler).

Hydronic Heating, the world’s most efficient heating system.