In Slab hydronic floor heating is a popular and common method used to effectively heat a home with hydronic heating. As the system is installed directly to the base slab during initial construction it is an efficient and economical form of floor heating installation that is ideal for new build constructions.

In Slab floor heating involves attaching the floor coil piping directly to the steel reinforcement of the slab, and then pouring the concrete slab to fully encase the system. A manifold or header is installed to a central location which evenly distributes the heat from the heat source (boiler). The images displayed here show a selection of typical new home slabs, with associated floor coil piping and manifold installations. Using zoned thermostats different temperatures and can be achieved and maintained in different areas of the home. The manifold controls distribution to the different rooms and the flow to and from the boiler.

A professionally installed and commissioned In Slab floor heating system provides energy efficient, cost effective, beautiful ambient heat to the home throughout its entire lifespan. The system is simple and sturdy with minimal maintenance required. Rapid pay back periods and increased energy efficiency make In Slab heating a viable alternative to traditional ducted and air forced systems and can be considered by home owners as an option for all new builds.

In addition, by using a split or ‘Partage’ system, floor heating can be combined with radiator heating, domestic hot water and even pool heating to further maximise the system benefits. Contact HydroHeat for further details on floor heating and to locate a qualified installer in your area.

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