Case Studies-Commercial

Ford Swim Centre

The Ford Swim Centre is a new build indoor swim school. It was a dual system installation involving both heating for the pool as well as underfloor heating for the pool deck area. The results provided immediate benefits and energy savings for the client. The system is powered by three x BAXI Duo-Tec MP 90kW boilers and the project was installed and commissioned by JO Miller.

Warragul Aquatic Centre

The Warragul Aquatic centre is a brand new purpose built swimming pool complex in the Victorian regional town of Warragul. The project involved an extensive install powered by eight x BAXI Power HT 150kW boilers. The project was installed and commissioned by JO Miller.


Queen Vic Womens Centre

The Queen Vic Womens Centre undertook a retro fit upgrade from the existing older Boilers installed on the roof of the historic 170 yr old building. The Queen Victoria Women’s Centre is an iconic Melbourne landmark that testifies to the enduring contribution of women’s enterprise to Victoria’s social, economic and cultural heritage. Two x BAXI PowerHT 150kW outdoor models were used for the install with an outdoor sensor being fitted.


Clarendon College Fitness Centre

New install to brand new secondary school fitness facility in regional Ballarat. Clarendon College is a leading school in the Ballarat area and caters for students from early learning to year 12. The architect designed fitness centre included a 25 meter pool and a purpose built indoor rowing centre. Four x BAXI Duo-tec MP boilers were installed in cascade to provide heating requirements.


BAXI Power HT Heats Local Swimming Pool

BAXI Power HT boilers were recently installed at a Dandenong Aquatic Centre to provide heating requirements for the commercial pool complex. The condensing technology adapts well to the heating requirements of a commercial swimming pool, maximising efficiency with the water temperature running at a low temperature.


Early Learning Centre LST Radiator Install

A new Early Learning Centre for children in Melbourne’s outer north underwent an installation of low surface temperature radiators. The system is powered by a BAXI Duo-Tec MP60kW, installed externally and flued with a stainless steel flue.


Ormond College Melb Uni Power HT Install

Retrofit upgrade to Ormond College at Melbourne University. Components of the original heating system dated back the the 1950’s, with the existing single Natural Gas atmospheric 600kW boiler being replaced by 4 x 150kW BAXI Power HT condensing boilers in cascade.


Clarendon College Duo-Tec MP Install

Clarendon College Ballarat retrofit upgrade to existing heating boiler installation. The new system consisting of two Duo-Tec MP 110kW boilers is a fully modulating cascade with an integrated seamless flue system penetrating through the roof. The boiler room is located indoors on the top level of the science wing building.


Aged Care Low Surface Temperature Radiators

HydroHeat recently supplied Low Surface Temperature (LST) radiators for an installation to an Aged Care facility in Clarinda Victoria. The facility was a large Aged Care Residence undertaking major refurbishment and new build including complete heating system upgrade. Over 120 Henrad Compact LST Panel rads were installed by contractors GMR Mechanical services. GMR specialise in the Aged Care and Retirement Living Sector and choose Hydronic Heating as the optimum solution to commission for Aged Care and retirement living projects.


Pitt Street Sydney Retro Fit Boiler Upgrade

Located opposite Pitt Street Mall in Sydney’s CBD this A Grade 22 level office tower was completely refurbished with state of the art systems and finishes used throughout. BAXI Power HT boilers were chosen to replace the existing heating system and played a significant role in helping the building achieve an outstanding 5 Star Nabers rating.


Melbourne Treasury Buildings

Victorian government goes with BAXI! After the successful rollout of Baxi boilers into the Old Treasury Building, the remainder of Melbourne’s Treasury buildings are now heated by Baxi Power HT boilers. The changeover from the old system to the new Baxi system was performed by A.G. Coombs over the course of a weekend and was a great success for all involved.

Download Design Schematic:

Mort St Canberra Office Building Retrofit

Retrofit upgrade to a 45 year old Government office building of over 5,400m2. The existing electric heating system was removed and replaced with high efficiency BAXI gas fired boilers which played a key part in reducing the buildings carbon footprint and achieving the target NABERS 4.5 star rating. BAXI PowerHT condensing boilers were selected for their high efficiency, compact size and the modular arrangement which made tham easy to install under restricted space conditions. The boilers have been in operation for two heating seasons and the maintenance contractors have provided positive feedback regarding their reliability and operation. The plant room contains 3 x 100kW Baxi PowerHT boilers in cascade controlled by a RVA47 Sequence Controller.


University of Launceston

The University of Launceston is now heated by Baxi PowerHT boilers installed with a RVA47 Sequence Controller and run by the Building Management System. This system has been designed to operate at maximum efficiency with underfloor heating and oversized fan coils for air handling.

Download Design Schematic:

Monash University (Caulfield Campus)

The install of Monash University’s new heating system consisting of three Baxi 150 kW PowerHT boilers in cascade went ahead without a hitch. The plant is installed with a RVA47 Sequence Controller linked to the Building Management System.

Download Design Schematic:

450 kW Upgrade at University of Ballarat

This new plant at the University of Ballarat Student Accommodation building is providing domestic hot water and heating to the 35 year old building. The 3 x 150 kW Power HT and an RVA 47 cascade sequence controller controls the new system. An outdoor sensor provides the information needed to compensate the settings of the heating system. The RVA 47 is used to give priority to the domestic hot water system when required.

Download Design Schematic:

1500kW BAXI System in Hobart

HydroHeat Supplies now have 2 large plants commissioned in Tasmania. The smaller tower in a commercial complex at 188 Collins St Hobart has a 600kW plant comprised of 4 x Baxi 150kW PowerHT boilers while the larger tower has a 900kW plant comprised of 6 x Baxi 150kW PowerHT boilers. Each tower is controlled by its own Building Management System and an RVA47 Sequence Controller.

Download Design Schematic:

45 kW Baxi Luna HT, Loreto College Chapel Ballarat

Loreto College chapel has been cold in winter for 130 years. Now thanks to a new hydronic heating system installed by Paul Turner Plumbing of Ballarat, church services at the chapel will never be cold again. The chapel is Heritage listed so minimum modifications have been made to the building to add the new heating system. The radiators are installed on pedestal brackets and the boiler is mounted on a frame. The chapel is now heated to a comfortable 21 deg C. and the humidity (dampness) has dropped from 93% to 52%, aiding in preserving the old pipe organ and painted wall decorations. the system is controlled with a Honeywell CM907 thermostat with a remote sensor.

P. S. Thanks to Mick for all the laughs on commissioning day.

McClelland Gallery Langwarrin

Boiler installation to the McClelland Gallery of 2 x 85kW BAXI PowerHT boilers in cascade controlled by a RVA47 Sequence Controller linked to the existing Building Management System. The boilers are driven and the delivery temperatures are set by the 0-10 volt control.

Download Design Schematic:

Latrobe University (Shepparton)

Installation to Latrobe Uni (Shepparton) plant room of 3 x 100kW Baxi LunaHT wall mounted boilers in cascade controlled by a RVA47 Sequence Controller linked to the Building Management System. Given the very tight plant room, pipe manifold kits were installed along with shutter kits on each boiler to prevent flue gases spilling into non-operating boilers and plant room.

Download Design Schematic:

Mooroolbark Aged Care Facility

This changeover, performed by GMR Mechanical is comprised of a heating as well as domestic hot water system. The heating plant consists of 3 x 120kW Baxi PowerHT boilers in cascade controlled by a RVA47 Sequence Controller while the domestic hot water plant consists of 2 x 120kW Baxi PowerHT boilers that feed two calorifiers. The flue components of each boiler are combined into one common polypropylene flue with a stainless steel riser. Each boiler has a flue shutter kit which prevents flue gases from spilling into non-operating boilers or the plant room.

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