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Show Off Your Residential Hydronic Heating Installations

If you are a hydronic heating contractor and have a quality residential heating install you’d like to show off… then show us! Homeowners are constantly asking us for examples of hydronic heating installs to inspire them and provide ideas for their own installations.

Showing the advantages of quality installs using skilled and trained contractors makes a difference in consumer choices. Whilst hydronic heating is beautiful in its simplicity, installations must be expertly carried out to ensure smooth operation and minimise ongoing maintenance requirements. A professional installation optimises energy efficiency and reduces fuel bills.

So, we’d like to feature more quality HydroHeat system installs to show our end users what can be achieved. If you’ve installed a HydroHeat system featuring BAXI boilers, Henrad radiators and Emmeti & Giacomini components send us your photos and an outline of the project. Cool radiator installs, tidy boiler installs, or maybe a really nice floor heating system. Contractor installs featured and published on our website will receive a free Hoodie. Click here to send us your install

View Residential Hydronic Case Studies

HydroHeat Australian Certifications

HydroHeat is Certified and Accredited

We value and support industry initiatives in the hydronic heating sector to both promote energy efficiency to the public and ensure consumer confidence that our products are fully tested and approved for use in the Australian market.

HydroHeat are committed to consumer safety and well being in providing the best possible heating products and systems. HydroHeat are also active members of peak industry bodies such as the EEC and PICAC. The Australian Gas Association (AGA) is the core Australian certification body governing all Australian gas appliances and all boilers for sale in Australia should comply with AGA certification.

All BAXI boilers sold by HydroHeat carry AGA Aust Standards certification and the relevant Watermark certification and we encourage any installer to check and ensure the products they purchase or install are covered by local regulatory requirements and mandatory certifications.

Read more about Australian Certifications

ISH International Expo in Frankfurt

ISH International Expo in Frankfurt

ISH Frankfurt is the world’s leading and biggest trade fair for the building and energy, plumbing and heating & cooling industries. The show covered more than 260,000 square meters, and was attended by over 200,000 visitors. Over 2,450 exhibitors from 61 countries were on show, including international market leaders.

HydroHeat Supplies were there to get a first hand look at everything on offer and to sample the showcase of innovation. We spent time meeting with some of our key suppliers in BAXI, Emmeti, Giacomini and IMAS, who were all present with displays showing off their latest and greatest products.

It was an exhausting couple of days with a lot to take in and see, but well worth the trip. We’ve come back with some great ideas, so keep an eye out for innovative new products and updates across the range…

Visit ISH International Expo website

HydroHeat Help PICAC Hydronic Heating Industry Training

HydroHeat Installation at PICAC training facility helps Plumbers build new skill sets

The Plumbing Industry Climate Action Centre (PICAC), is a state of the art, industry run training facility in Brunswick, Melbourne. PICAC provides a range of practical training to the industry in new and innovative areas such as Hydronic Heating, Chilled Beam & Ceiling Technology, Rainwater Harvesting & Water Treatment and Solar Systems, for both commercial and residential applications. Working installations are installed onsite of various systems to demonstrate and provide hands on training.

HydroHeat have provided a fully operational plumbed Hydronic Heating installation including boiler, piping, valves, manifolds and terminal products including towel warmers and panel radiators. This allows plumbers to dismantle and re assemble all components including the boiler helping them to become fully versed in the specifics of Hydronic Heating.

HydroHeat have had a strong partnership for years with PICAC and continue to support this industry initiative by helping to provide training to plumbers on how to install and maintain Hydronic Heating Systems. This in turn helps educate the public as to the best possible energy efficient heating solutions available and how they can minimise their impact on the environment.

Visit Picac Website

Beautiful Ballarat Home UnderFloor Heating By HydroHeat

Luxury resort style mansion uses Hydroheat Emmeti Floor Heating system

This beautiful new home in Ballarat was recently featured on the Lifestyle channel. The resort style mansion is one of the best homes in Ballarat, located on the north side of picturesque Lake Wendouree. The lavish family resort is sprawled across 4,000 square metres and is a true fantasy pad. It includes 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, a home cinema, wrap around decks for the ultimate in home entertaining, an al fresco kitchen, professional gym, indoor and outdoor heated swimming pools and a tennis court.

Reknowned specialist heating contractors Angus Eeles were chosen to look after the heating requirements and when it came to the choice of heating system, hydronic underfloor heating was selected as the best method to combat Ballarat’s cold winters. A complete Emmeti floor heating system was specified and supplied by HydroHeat. In rural areas such as Ballarat winters are cold (often below freezing) so underfloor heating is the ideal choice for maintaining a comfortable temperature throughout the entire building creating optimum comfort.

Find out more about Floor Heating

View Lifestyle Channel Video

Wifi Thermostats Now Available

Rialto wifi thermostat with remote Smart Phone App now available

We receive many customer enquiries about WiFi thermostats. The new Rialto thermostat is WiFi capable and ideal for replacing existing thermostats or for use in new projects. It is now available in stock.

Just like a standard thermostat, the Rialto is hardwired to the boiler, however the WiFi capability enables the use of a smartphone app to remotely communicate with the thermostat. This means the homeowner can control temperature settings and on/off settings via a smartphone or tablet app.

The Rialto also has a proximity radius feature through the app that allows heating to switch on when the homeowner is within a pre-set distance from the thermostat. This type of functionality is perfect for applications such as holiday homes to enable activation of heating prior to arrival. Furthermore, it is capable of controlling up to 12 individual additional zoned thermostats, offering even further control of the home or work environment. The Rialto WiFi thermostat is simple to install and operate. Speak to your HydroHeat sales representative for further information.

View Rialto wifi thermostat product spec and install guide

Colour Powder Coated Rads Available

Custom powder coated rads are available in the colour of your customers choice

The full range of Henrad panel rads and special order designer radiators are available to be custom colour powder coated to suit your customers requirements. Custom colour coating is ideally suited to high end residential and commercial installs.

Colour powder coated radiators add a distinct point of difference and stylish luxury to high end residential or architectural projects. Any colour from the Dulux colour selection of over 100 colours can be matched. Colours are referenced to the RAL colour matching system used in Europe to ensure conformity with colour selections and can be applied to any special order Designer Rad and any of our Henrad range. We can ship directly to your chosen Powder coater locally in Australia.

Ask your Hydro Heat sales contact for more info about custom colour powder coating and view project install case studies below.

Download Designer Rads Broch Spec Sheet

View Colour Powder Coated Install Case Studies

BAXI Duo-Tec MP+ Best In Class

The BAXI DUo-Tec MP+ range is a best in class commercial heating solution.

The BAXI Duo-Tec MP+ is a state of the art gas condensing boiler which represents best in class quality and features. BAXI boilers have long been known as the best availabe on the Australian market and now the Duo-Tec MP+ range for light commerical use highlights a feature and specification set with advanced superiority over competitor products.

The BAXI Duo-Tec MP+ green credentials and efficiency are well known, however we’d like to draw your attention to three lesser known features…

Low Surface Temperature (LST) Rads

HydroHeat Low Surface Temperature (LST) Panel Radiators.

HydroHeat offer high quality hydronic heating solutions with specific emphasis on the Aged Care, Education, Health and Community sectors. Our experience and understanding of these markets has resulted in the development of practical solutions specifically tailored to the needs of these clients. Of particular note is our development of ‘cool touch’ low surface temperature radiators suited to health and aged care facilities.

The Henrad LST Compact’s come in single panel tpe 11, double panel type 21 & 22 or triple panel type 33 configurations. A wide rnage of sizes and specifications allows selection to suit any space. The new LST Rads are compliant with AUS ISO 9002 and in accordance with EN442-Cover. Download tech spec sheet and further info from our cusmter Trade Portal or contact us directly for more info and installation advice.

View Low Surface Temperature Radiator Spec

View Aged Care Project Case Study

Updated VDI Wall Mount Rad Brackets

Henrad Wall mounted radiator mounting brackets have been updated to comply with new Euro Standards.

New Henrad wall panel radiator mounting brackets have been updated to be compliant with EURO regs. The new type VDI 6036 brackets are a strong, simple design and are easy to install. For the time being Panel Radiator orders will pack with the new brackets in addition to the original brackets included as well. The new VDI 6036 brackets comply with all AUS regulations.

The VDI 6036 brackets suit all Rads Type 11, Type 21, 22 and 23. Note all rad orders will ship with both types of brackets for ease of mind, and either type can still be used when installing. If you’re unsure about the use or installation of the new brackets please contact us for details. In addition you can download specific installation instructions, advice and drilling dimension diagrams from our customer Trade Portal.

View info on VDI Wall Mount Brackets

Grundfos Pump Price Changes

Grundfos Pump price changes may affect your project costings. Check before you order.

When pricing your customer project quotes and placing your HydroHeat order check first to ensure you are using the most up to date Grundfos pump prices. Grundfos made price changes across the range in early 2016, and these remain current as at Dec 2016. We are not anticipating any further price changes in the near future however please check with us first before you place your order.

If you’re unsure in any way please give your HydroHeat sales contact a buzz and we will confirm details for you and also can assist in specification selection.

Click here for more info on our Grundfos pump range

What’s the Most Efficient Form of Home Heating?

Sustainability Victoria has released information comparing different home heating systems and the comparative costs of each.

Based on heating a house for an average of five months a year at 6 hours per day, the data suggests that heating a house of up to about 170m2 via gas-fired hydronic radiators is the cheapest, most efficient form of home heating. Gas fired hydronics was shown to cost around $915 per year, with the next best method being gas fired – ducted heating at $970.

The Sustainability Victoria report data compares the most common forms of gas and electric home heating and itemises the annual costs for each. It also enables comparison between heating a whole house or just one room. The Sustainability Victoria site contains a wealth of other information resources for home heating efficiency.

Click here to view the Sustainability Vic report data

HydroHeat Trade / Specifiers Portal Update

HydroHeat are genuine and passionate about supporting trade and industry professionals. Our Trade / Specifiers provides online access to download a variety of resources for Installers and Contractors. We have recently upgraded and streamlined the Portal interface and it’s contents to make it even easier to access and download documents.

So save time and download whatever you need, when you need it. From tech data sheets, specification and installation instructions, customer warranties, reseller marketing material, radiator calculation tools and more, you’ll find it all in our Trade Portal available for download.

Full Trade / Specifiers access is available to all HydroHeat customers. Apply for access now.

New Radiators and Residential Boiler Brochures

We are proud to release our latest product brochures for both our Residential Boilers, and our Residential Radiators, Towel Warmers and Trench Heating.

The Residential Boiler brochure has been updated with expanded boiler specification and information, as well as upgraded BAXI Duo-Tec+ spec for the range of condensing boilers.

The Radiator, Towel Warmers and Trench Heating brochure has important updates to radiator outputs and specification, in addition to expanded range specification and information for our Trench Convector heaters.

The brochures are great tools and provide key information to enable consumers to make the right decisions when it comes to Hydronic Heating Boiler and Radiator selection. Click here to download the brochures. In addition you can access technical information and installation sheets for each product via our Trade Portal. Call our office if you would like to have copies sent out to you.

New BAXI Rilancio+ & MS Universale+ Partage Controllers

BAXI have released an upgraded range of Partage Controllers. The Rilancio+ and MS Universale+ controllers feature high flow modulating pumps and S/Steel hydraulic separators as well as all copper / brass components. In addition lower power inputs dramatically improve energy consumption.

The Rilancio+ range comes in two models for equal temperature zones (2 and 3 circuit), whilst the MS Universale+ comes in two models for split temperature zones (both 2 and 3 circuit). The unit’s compact size (only 210 mm deep) facilitates flush fitting in a recess as well as normal wall hanging. The controllers feature all copper and brass components, S/Steel hydraulic separator, and incorporate new hi-flow modulating pumps controlled by a thermostat in the heated area. In addition the modulating pump has a built in air-elimination function. The controllers can be used in conjunction with all Baxi Boiler models. In stock and now shipping, call to order, click here to view product details.

Success at ARBS 2016 Exhibition

The ARBS (Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Building Services) Expo for 2016 has come and gone. ARBS is the biggest HVAC industry show in the Southern Hemisphere, and HydroHeat have been a part of it for many years now. This years Expo was a step up from 2014, we noticed about 30% more exhibitors and a noticeable increase in foot traffic over the three days.

The event was a great success for HydroHeat, with many interested industry professionals attending from all over Australia. With our stand positioned on a corner next to the seminar entrance, we had a great deal of traffic and we found ourselves very busy for the whole show. It was great to see so many familiar faces along with lots of new faces too, with many trade professionals interested in heating efficiency and wanting to know more about hydronic condensing boiler heating systems. The best way to find out more about hydronic heating is simply to give us a call. We can help specify, design and assist with the installation of your next building heating project.

New Air/Dirt Separator from Caleffi

The clever guys at Caleffi have come out with a new kind of Air/Dirt separator, the Caleffi ‘DirtMag’.

The patent pending design uses a magnetic separator capable of removing even the smallest particles and ferrous impurities with extremely limited head losses. Can be installed to both horizontal and vertical pipes, suitable for all closed systems. Extremely quick and easy to clean with no decommissioning required, thanks to the removable magnetic ring and wide drain cock.

For more information click here.

Lube and Sealant Product Release

You spoke and we listened. HydroHeat now supply lubricant and sealant products. After getting many enquiries about lube and sealant for piping system installation we decided to go on the hunt for some quality products so we can provide a complete installation package, and you have products you know you can trust.

Loxseal thread sealant and Redback Tap lubricant are trade specialist products, we had a strict criteria and subjected both to vigorous field test conditions to ensure they delivered on their claims. Quality lubricant and sealant are essential for effective installation of Gerpex system fittings, pipes and manifolds.

Click here for more information on our new lube and sealant products.

New HydroHeat Commercial Condensate Tank

HydroHeat are proud to announce its custom made condensate tank for commercial systems, the HydroHeat Condensate Neutralising Tank HHCNT600-1200. The tanks are available on order now, with larger tanks custom made on request, all come with a Hydroheat 25 year warranty.

The HHCNT600-1200 is a robust solution for the treatment of boiler condensate in larger commercial installs, treating the acidic condensate waste to a neutral ph state, thus allowing safe and environmentally compliant discharge into mains drainage. The HydroHeat condensate tank is configured with a 3 x baffle inner which forces the condensate through the tank. Using Marble Chip neutraliser granules this effectively treats large volumes of condensate over a prolonged period of time.

The robust design features UV Stable welded 6mm PVC / PolypropyleneFor indoor or outdoor use and the tank comes complete with a removable lid as well as a 25kg bag of Marble Chip Neutraliser Granules.

For more information click here.

ARBS Exhibition 2016

Come and visit us at ARBS 2016!

Back for another year, HydroHeat will again be exhibiting at ARBS. Held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre over 3 days, 17-19 May 2016. Come and say “Hello” at stand 734/735. Bigger and better than ever, we will have lots of great new hydronic heating product innovations on display. ARBS has been a key industry gathering for many years and 2016 is lining up to be the best show to date. HydroHeat look forward to welcoming you to our stand where we will have an array of products on display for you to “touch and feel”.

For more information on the show click here
Look forward to seeing you there!

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