Hydronic Heat is Safe Heat

28 May 2020

Allergy free, dust free home heating systems keep you safe

A home heating system should be clean, safe and free form airborne dust, allergen and germ particles. Hydronic heating is free from airborne particles as it is a sealed, radiant heat system.

It’s more important now than ever for home heating to be safe, however the truth is many home heating systems aren’t. One of the most common forms of home heating is ducted fan forced systems. These are popular as they can offer rapid heat distribution. They typically consist of fans used to distribute heated air which is created via a seperate heat source. The problem is they depend on air circulation to heat and forced air circulation means that whatever air is inside the home can be picked up and moved. This can accelerate the circulation of germ, allergen or dust particles, which can cause infection or respiratory illness.

When diseases and viruses are transmitted as very small particles by air currents, it is called airborne germ transmission. Airborne infections spread when bacteria or viruses travel on dust particles or small respiratory droplets that become aerosolized when an infected person sneezes or coughs. Healthy people can inhale the infectious droplets, or the droplets can land on their eyes, nose and mouth. Hence using an air forced heating system to heat your home can risk this transmission.

People who inhale the airborne germs do not have to have face-to-face contact or even be in the same room as the infected person. Many respiratory diseases such as tuberculosis, measles, chickenpox and viruses are spread by airborne route. To protect their patients, many hospitals have special air filtration systems in their ventilation systems. It is also why many hospitals and schools choose radiant hydronic heating as their preferred form of heating. Many aged care facilities utilise hydronic heating for the same reasons.

The safest and most effective form of allergen & dust free heating is hydronic heating. Hydronic heating is a completely sealed system which circulates heated water through insulated piping to heat emitters such as panel radiators or pipe work in floor slabs. This results in clean, radiant heat distributed evenly throughout your home, without the need for fan forced distribution.

The heat source for a hydronic system is typically a gas-fired boiler. Hi-efficiency gas condensing boilers have minimal carbon emissions and reuse latent exhaust gases to operate at up to 98% efficiency. These highly efficient condensing boilers are more advanced than older conventional type boilers and reduce energy consumption, delivering significant energy cost savings. HydroHeat Supplies are Australia’s leading specialist hydronic heating supplier, used by reputable heating installers Australia wide. For more information about allergen free hydronic heating contact us.

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