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BAXI Hydronic Gas Pool Heating

06 May 2019

Gain efficiency in residential and commercial pool heating with BAXI gas condensing boilers

BAXI Boilers represent one of the most efficient ways to heat a residential or commercial swimming pool. BAXI gas condensing boilers increase pool heating efficiency and offer an advantage over competitor heating boilers which can be expensive to maintain and consume large amounts of energy without returning cost savings.

BAXI boilers utilise a water to water heat exchanger which heats the pool water in a closed loop and separates the chemically treated pool water from direct contact with the Heat Exchanger. The water to water heat exchanger method is a more robust system as it eliminates corrosion of the heat exchanger by chemically treated pool water and provides greater longevity for the system.

BAXI Boiler modulation and cascade control provides further heating gains by easily maintaining target temperature as the cascading modulation adapts to heat load requirements & maximises efficiency. In addition BAXI MP+ and BAXI Power HT+ range boilers are available in indoor or outdoor models, with the MP+ range available as wall mounted for additional space savings.

Due to the typically poor air quality of internal boiler plant rooms, BAXI boilers can be installed with sealed flue systems to completely seal against the air quality of internal plant rooms. A room sealed boiler means that the air used for the combustion of the gas is drawn in from the external flue and then waste gas is removed back out through the flue. The air inside the boiler is completely separated from the air circulating in the room where the boiler is installed. This is critical in a pool room environment where the surrounding air can impact the longevity of the boiler and lead to corrosion.

In addition the Flue system is of seamless stainless steel fabrication, again a unique feature as most competitors do not offer seamless flues. As the condensate in the flue is quite acidic, a one piece flue solution minimises the chance of corrosion and gas leaks through flue joins, reducing premature flue failure and corrosion. Baxi gas condensing technology makes the boilers super efficient as the condensing pre-mix burner reuses waste flue gases and reduces noxious waste. With pool heating requirements generally at 26º to 30º the boilers can maintain their maximum design efficiency of Gross 97% (Gross Efficiency according to AS4552)

In addition, multiple boilers are installed in cascade, and cycle according to the heat load to further increase energy and cost savings and provide a constant even temperature in the pool. Baxi Boilers operate in cascade and have a modulation range of 1:9, increased by the amount of boilers installed, which means the boilers can reduce in capacity, making the system far more efficient as only energy is used that is required. In addition the BAXI boilers modulate in cascade which means that the complete pool heating system modulates in entirety, i.e. The second Boiler is only commissioned when heat load demands. Greater efficiency is created as Boilers are only brought online consistent with heat requirements/loads.

Cascade operation also benefits maintenance in the event of one boiler requiring servicing or being offline, the end user always retains part load redundancy.

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