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Henrad Wall Brackets VDI 6036 Compliant

28 November 2019

Henrad VDI 6036 wall brackets compliant for use in public spaces ideal for nursing homes and schools.

The VDI wall brackets shipped with Henrad radiators are developed exclusively by Henrad and have been awarded Class 3 VDI 6036 certification. The German VDI standard 6036 Class 3 rating means that the wall brackets effectively can be used to ensure safety in public spaces where the risk of abuse or improper use of the radiator is higher than in private or residential installations (Class 1 & 2). This makes the VDI brackets perfect for radiator installations such as aged care, hospitals and schools where public liability is a concern.

The VDI brackets securely fasten the radiators in place, preventing the radiator coming loose and causing potential damage to connections and piping. The brackets are simpler, quicker and easier to install than L brackets, making wall mounted installations a pain free task with a spring loaded clip in. Included removal tool makes uninstall quick and easy if required. All Henrad radiators ship as standard with the VDI 6036 brackets included, old style L brackets are also available on request.

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VDI Brackets Key Features:

  • Securely fastens radiator & prevents coming loose
  • Prevents potential damage to connections / piping
  • Simple design, easy to install
  • Compliant with strict Euro 6036 Standards
  • Suit all Rads Type 11, 21, 22 and 33
  • Ideal for aged care, schools
VDI Wall Bracket1
VDI Wall Bracket2
VDI Wall Bracket3