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Rialto Wi-Fi Thermostat Temperature Control

01 April 2020

Rialto Wi-Fi thermostats control temperature settings remotely from anywhere.

The Rialto Wi-Fi thermostat and accessory range is elegantly designed and manufactured by Rialto in Italy, part of the Astrel Group who are one of the few Italian manufacturers of smart home products with their own in-house R&D facility and production engineering capability. HydroHeat are the exclusive distributors of Rialto products in Australia.

The Rialto Wi-Fi Thermostats are easy to install and use, with a range of supporting accessories to enable complete system operation. The Rialto system is operated by using the Wi-Fi wall thermostat, or by using the free App which can be loaded to any smart phone or tablet, enabling the user to remotely control temperature settings from any location outside the home.

The Rialto system can control up to 12 independent thermostats and set each room or living area to its own temperature. Additional thermostats are easily configurable, with strong signal coverage from the base control unit and signal repeaters available if necessary.

Rialto thermostats integrate seamlessly with HydroHeat’s range of BAXI boilers and can control both wall radiator and floor heating systems. With wireless battery operation no wiring is required and the Rialto Wi-Fi can be easily retro installed to replace traditional wall thermostats. The Rialto Energy Meter can also be used to monitor and display energy and electricity usage.

The elegance and simplicity of Wi-Fi operation has distinct advantages. Temperature settings can be preset and turned on prior to arrival, such as homeowners travelling to holiday homes, guaranteeing a cosy and warm arrival when they enter the home. Likewise, if forgotten, heating can be turned off after departure by simply accessing the App. For commercial users the same benefits apply. Facility managers and business owners can control temperature settings from anywhere, and ensure systems are turned off and on as required, activating and deactivating different zones at any time.

View Rialto Wi-Fi Spec.

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