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30 Years of Excellence in Hydronic Heating

01 April 2020

HydroHeat Supplies Pty Ltd commenced operations in 1990 and have grown to become Australia’s premier hydronic heating equipment supplier.

HydroHeat Pty Ltd has been providing excellence in hydronic heating for over 30 years. Commencing in 1990 in a small Melbourne warehouse Hydroheat Pty Ltd has grown from humble beginnings to become Australia’s premier dedicated provider of Hydronic Heating Equipment and Supplies.

In 1969, Danish immigrant Anders Lund arrived in Melbourne from Aarhus, Denmark with wife Elin and 3 young children. Upon arrival in Australia Anders commenced work with a large heating supplies company, moving on some ten years later to another heating supplier to set up a Hydronic Heating importation and distribution division within that company. During this time Anders met and developed an association with Anthony Foster who ran a successful heating installation company.

As Hydronic Heating gained acceptance in Australia, the pair recognised the growing need for quality Hydronic Heating Equipment to supply the emerging Australian market. Around 1990 they decided to back their intuition by launching a new, dedicated Hydronic Heating Equipment Supplies Company and hence ‘HydroHeat Supplies Pty Ltd’ was registered to trade. Anders took on the role of running the company’s day to day operations whilst Anthony provided consultation in a directors role..

After sourcing suppliers from Europe, importation commenced with the first two shipments of RIO hydronic radiators and Giacomini valves. This was complimented by a range of locally produced Raypak boilers. The first warehouse was established in King Street Oakleigh to house and distribute the goods to a selection of heating contractors. HydroHeat traded from King Street until increasing demand saw the company outgrow the premises after two years and establish a new warehouse with expanded facilities located in Kylie Place Moorabbin.

Whilst trading from the Moorabbin warehouse a notable event occurred which disrupted proceedings. Staff arrived one morning to find a runaway stolen vehicle had careered through the office entrance, smashing desks and bursting the gas mains in the process. Suffice to say operations were brought to temporary halt by the commotion! Not withstanding this unexpected business interruption, a growing demand for efficiency and European technology saw HydroHeat Supplies necessitate another move to larger premies, this time relocating a few kilometres down the road at Malcolm Road, Braeside.

In the early 2000’s HydroHeat established exclusive agencies with Italian boiler manufacturers BAXI and floor heating system producers Emmeti. Not long after further agencies were also established with AquaSystem expansion tanks and Henrad radiators from Belgium. The expanded product range now covered all components of Hydronic systems and positioned HydroHeat Supplies as the premium Australian supplier of quality European brands.

As time went on founding director Anders took a step back from day to day operations, and daughter Christina assumed the CEO role to continue guiding the company into the future. Over the 30yr journey to date, the backbone of HydroHeat Supplies growth is supported by many valued long term team members with Sales and Technical Manager Ivan Karaula having been with the business for over 25 years and WareHouse Manager Kenneth Lund for over 27 years. Many others have over 15 years of service.

In our expanded current day premises at Helen Kob Drive, BraesideHydroHeat Supplies now have over 2000 sqm metres of floorspace, nearly 20 staff, a fleet of vehicles and delivery trucks and over 10,000 products and parts in stock.

HydroHeat Supplies has carefully chosen its European suppliers so as to be in a position to offer products that are amongst the most technologically advanced in the world and at the forefront of innovation, with increased sustainability and low emissions. One of our leading European suppliers BAXI is one of the largest boiler manufacturers in Europe producing over half a million boilers a year, a full time staff of over 7000 and its own R&D facility. Our key supplier partnerships and ongoing relationships with our valued customers embraces today’s needs and keeps HydroHeat Supplies at the forefront of the Australian Hydronic Heating industry

Founding partners Anthony Foster & Anders Lund on the first HydroHeat buying trip to Italy circa 1990
Luxury accomodation on an early HydroHeat buying trip
Uploading the first shipment of radiators at King Street Oakleigh warehouse
Family members supervising HydroHeat delivery logistics ealy 1990s
Kenneth Lund (office manager Elin Lund in background) at Kylie Moonrabbin warehouse mid 90s
Setting up the Malcolm Td Braeside warehouse mid 1990s
A runaway vehicle makes an unannounced entrance at HydroHeat offices Malcolm Rd, Braeside
On the job HydroHeat staff meeting early 200s
Moving into larger premises at Helen Kob Drive, Braeside
Setting up the current warehouse at Helen Kob Drive, Braeside
HydroHeat's current Braeside facility is over 2,000 sqm employing nearly 20 staff and stocking over 10,000 products