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Old mild steel vs new stainless steel insulated

Cheap vs Quality

27 May 2022

The bitter taste of cheap remains long after the cost of quality is forgotten. Quality really does count. Saving a few bucks and taking a shortcut to get a job done can sometimes seem an attractive option, but the consequences are often costly as this example of an install using a poor quality mild steel separator shows.

As any serious contractor knows, cheap parts and poor quality components in a water based heating system can lead to severe corrosion, parts replacement, or even complete system failure. This typically results in warranty call outs and cost blowouts.

HydroHeat recently supplied a new Separator and Boiler to replace original equipment. This in itself is not that unusual, except that in this case the system being replaced was only 3yrs old. Despite this the Separator had corroded in all directions, not surprising considering it was mild steel with only a coat of paint for protection. In addition when it was installed no insulation or protective cladding was added, leaving the unit exposed to the elements.

The replacement HydroHeat supplied Separator is made from 316 Stainless Steel, is fully insulated and comes with Colourbond cladding, making it totally weatherproof. The lifespan expectation of the new Separator and Boiler is 10-15yrs and beyond if properly maintained.

The economics of quality always stack up. HydroHeat only supply quality hydronic heating equipment as we specialise only in hydronic heating, it’s our expertise and reputation at stake hence we don't stock inferior products. Contact us for your next project if you are unsure of specification to ensure that fit for purpose products are selected.

Old mild steel painted, this separator is only 3yrs old!
Old mild steel painted, this separator is only 3yrs old!
New stainless steel insulated weather proof Colorbond clad
New stainless steel insulated weather proof Colorbond clad