The BAXI DUo-Tec MP+ range is a best in class commercial heating solution.

The BAXI Duo-Tec MP+ is a state of the art gas condensing boiler which represents best in class quality and features. BAXI boilers have long been known as the best availabe on the Australian market and now the Duo-Tec MP+ range for light commerical use highlights a feature and specification set with advanced superiority over competitor products.

The BAXI Duo-Tec MP+ green credentials and efficiency are well known, however we’d like to draw your attention to three lesser known features…

Fully Modulating Cascade
BAXI Duo-Tec MP have full modulating pumps in accordance with new ErP (European Directive) meaning the pumps use only as much energy as required. The European directive is a guideline for manufacturers to meet energy efficiency targets which are above and beyond Australian regulations. The MP Boilers have a modulation range of 1:9 (exclusive of the Duo-Tec MP 35kw) which means the boiler can reduce its capacity to 1/9th of maximum capacity making the system much more efficient and flexible in design as the gas usage is matched to the heat demand. In a 2 boiler installation for instance, the modulation range is 1:18 (2 x 1:9). Given it is a fully modulating cascade, the complete heating system modulates in entirety, that is, not just Boiler 1 first and then Boiler 2. Therefore, efficiency is maintained as boilers are brought into use in line with heat requirements/loads. The system also allows for constant heating & serviceability, that is, one boiler can be fully isolated whilst the other(s) continue to operate. This means that the end user will always have a part load (redundancy).

Room Sealed
The BAXI Duo-Tec MP boiler can be mounted internally irrespective of environments where the surrounding air may not be considered “clean”. This is very critical in environments such as underground car parks or pool rooms where the surrounding air can impact the longevity of the product, leading to corrosion and component failure

Seamless Flue
BAXI Duo-Tec MP boiler installation is done in conjunction with continuous flue system installation so the flue is installed in one piece without joints and welds. The benefit of this type of installation is that flue gases do not leak. This minimises the chances of premature flue failure and corrosion. HydroHeat stock a full range of stainless steel flue components that are fully compatible with all BAXI boilers.

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