HydroHeat stand at Grand Designs show a huge success

The Grand Designs Live Show at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre has been and gone. Thousands of home owners attended over the three days, and the HydroHeat stand was one the most popular on offer with a non stop procession of interested consumers. Floor Heating was a major topic of interest, as was general awareness and education about Hydronic Heating. There were also many looking for changeover boilers to existing systems and retro fit improvements to existing systems.

Many home owners were surprised (shocked) at how efficient Hydronic Heating systems are compared to traditional heating options such as Ducted or Split Systems. Overall it was surprising how many home owners are still unaware of Hydronic Heating not just as a viable alternative but as a better solution. Suffice to say they left armed with info about HydroHeat Hydronic products, and recommendations to our trusted HydroHeat Installers.

Others came well informed with house plans ready to roll and wanted to know the best way and method to implement their hydronic heating plans. Energy efficiency and ‘Green’ was a huge theme, features like boiler modulation ratios for zoned heating amazed consumers at how advanced Hydronic technology is. The other interesting fact was how many were surprised at how the compact BAXI Boilers could easily and effectively heat an entire house.

So, we’ll be back next year to help spread the word again, thanks to our HydroHeat staff who manned the stand all weekend, they’ll need a year to recover!

Hydronic Heating, the world’s most efficient heating system.