Hands on Training For Hydronic Heating Installers in 2015

Throughout 2015 HydroHeat are conducting regular BAXI and hydronic heating installer training sessions designed to provide contractors with hands on training for BAXI boilers as well as complete system installs and troubleshooting.

The training is Free to all HydroHeat customers. As well as Q&A sessions we will be focussing on different aspects of residential Hydronic Heating, with new topics covered each month in addition to core installation and troubleshooting training.

The sessions take place on the last Friday of each month, from 9am to 12pm, with refreshments and lunch included.
So come along to get up to speed with the latest hydronic heating technology and install techniques.

Sessions provide a relaxed and informal environment amongst industry peers. Places are limited to ten installers per session, email Cathy now to book your spot.

Hydronic Heating, the world’s most efficient heating system.