New Radiators and Residential Boiler Brochures

We are proud to release our latest product brochures for both our Residential Boilers, and our Residential Radiators, Towel Warmers and Trench Heating.

The Residential Boiler brochure has been updated with expanded boiler specification and information, as well as upgraded BAXI Duo-Tec+ spec for the range of condensing boilers.

The Radiator, Towel Warmers and Trench Heating brochure has important updates to radiator outputs and specification, in addition to expanded range specification and information for our Trench Convector heaters.

The brochures are great tools and provide key information to enable consumers to make the right decisions when it comes to Hydronic Heating Boiler and Radiator selection. Click here to download the brochures. In addition you can access technical information and installation sheets for each product via our Trade Portal. Call our office if you would like to have copies sent out to you.

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