BAXI BX 01/F Corrosion Inhibitor

BAXI Corrosion Inhibitor made of complex organic compound, suitable for heating and cooling systems, solar panels, heat pumps. Prevents limescale and gas formation along with boiler noise, corrosion of ferrous metals, copper, aluminium and their alloys by forming a monomolecular film on surfaces in contact with heat transfer fluids. Compatible with all materials commonly used in these systems. Compatible with anti freeze products.

HydroHeat BAXI BX 01/F is available in 1ltr concentrate bottles. Add BX 01/F into system via feed, expansion tank or radiator in the ratio of recommended dosage 1 litre of product for every 100 litres of water. For continued protection check level regularly. Concentration of product can be easily measured on site using the BAXI Reagant Kit. In case of untreated or sludged systems HydroHeat recommend prior cleaning with a power flush from a licensed contractor.

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