CB-KKN Condensate Neutralising Tanks 100kW-350kW

CB-KKN Condensate Neutralising Tanks for Baxi condensing boilers 100kW – 350kW

The condensate produced by a condensing boiler is acidic (pH4) and may require treatment to allow disposal to drain.

CB-KKN neutralisers are a simple, cheap and effective solution for the treatment of boiler condensate. Proper neutralisation of condensate preserves the integrity of sewer pipes and allows for environmentally conscious disposal. Unlike other devices commercially available, CB-KKN neutralisers allow the proper treatment of the condensate even after prolonged periods of time.

CB-KKN-S, CB-KKN-M (up to 100kW)

Compact wall-mounted tanks for use in systems up to 100kW

CB-KKN-COLUMBO (up to 350kW)

Floor Standing tank for use in systems up to 350kW

Larger Systems

HydroHeat custom make HHCNT600-1200 Neutraliser tanks to suit larger scale systems from 600kW – 1200kW

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