Giacomini Air/Dirt Separator


The dirt separator allows the separation and removal of impurities presentin the hydraulic circuits of modern heating and cooling systems. Theimpurities are separated by means of a set of reticular metallic surfacesradially arranged, that by generating frenetic motions and collisions allowtheir separation and precipitation in the lower part from which the impuritycan be discharged by means of the drain valve.

Available in two configurations:

R146D – Threaded Version

Dirt Separator with female threaded connections. Body made in brass.Complete with drain cock having hose connection, cap with gasket.Max. working pressure 10 bar, temperature range 0 ÷ 110 °C, maximumpercentage of glycol 30 %.

R146D – Flanged Version

Hydraulic separator with flanged connections. Coated steel body. Completewith automatic air vent valve, drain cock with hose connection and capwith gasket. PE-X insulation, closed cell foam, thickness 20 mm, density30 kg/m3. Max. working pressure 10 bar, temperature range 0 ÷ 110 °C,maximum percentage of glycol 50 %. Flanges according to UNI EN 1092-1PN16 standard.

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