Honeywell DT90 Digital Room Thermostat

Digital non-programmable on/off thermostat with large LCD display and simple user interface. For general purpose control of boilers, zone valves, pumps, thermal actuators, electric heaters and fan-coil units.

HydroHeat also stock Honeywell indoor and outdoor sensors, as well as lockable thermostat covers.

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Extra-Large Backlit Display
The DT90 display features large characters and high contrast screen, important for those with impaired vision.

Simple Interface
The user interface has been made as simple aspossible to make DT90 very easy to use.

Off/Standby Button
The off/standby button allows DT90 to switch off theheating system at the touch of a button.

Installer Mode
The Installer Mode is where DT90 can be configuredfor different applications, and customized to meet the needs of the user.

NVRAM Storage of Settings
All parameter settings are stored in a special kind ofmemory called NVRAM so they will be retained indefinitely even if the batteries are removed.

Advanced Self-learning TPI Control
DT90 uses a self-learning ‘fuzzy logic’ time-proportional control algorithm. This form of control is better than conventional PI control as it has a faster response and better performance in steady state conditions, ensuring significant energy savings.

24 …230V 8(3)A SPDT Potential Free Contact Rating
The DT90 switching relay has a high specification and wide switching range, suitable for most domestic applications. As the thermostat is battery powered, only a 2 wire connection is required to operate the load.

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