Spare Parts

HydroHeat stock a range of Spare Parts to support our exclusive product agencies for BAXI, Emmeti, AquaSystem and Henrad. Parts are available to support all BAXI boiler models for at least 10 years even after models are replaced or superceded.

BAXI boiler spare parts range from PCB’s and flue fans, right down to gaskets and wiring for all boiler models stocked. If a part is not carried in stock we will special order in on request. We also carry a range of parts to support other product ranges such as AquaSystem replacement bladder tanks, Emmeti replacement manifold parts, as well as valve tails and bonnets. Call and speak to our Trade Desk to enquire about parts availability.

Spare Parts For:
Boilers: BAXI boiler parts Luna Duo-tec & Power HT
Radiators: Henrad radiator components
Expansion Tanks: AquaSystem expansion tank bladders
Valves & Manifolds: Emmeti valve/manifold components
Floor Heating: Emmeti floor heating components

All parts carry manufacturers warranty
Parts available to Trade Contractors only

Over 10,000 stocked items in-house

Original manufacturers parts with warranty

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